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  • What rides will appeal to your customers... and improve your ride mix?

  • What rides will fill your park attraction needs?

  • What rides have the best resale potential?

  • What are your options for spare parts and rapid service?

Let's face it. Making the right decisions about amusement rides is more complicated than ever. But fortunately there is a simple solution. All you have to do is call on the international ride experts at IRM.

A Wide Range of Cost-Effective Services:

At IRM, we offer a wide range of cost-effective services to help you make the right decisions about amusement rides. These services, tailored specifically to your situation and your needs, will improve the efficiency of your decision-making process, prevent costly mistakes and protect your investment by keeping your rides up and running. The bottom line: You will find that the direct economic benefits of our services will more than offset the modest costs.

Ride Selection:

With our extensive knowledge of rides and ride manufacturers, we can help you select the ride that will provide the capacity, durability, serviceability and demographic appeal you need.

Ride Appraisal:

An accurate appraisal of your ride is essential before you buy, sell, re-finance, or settle an estate. Even banks have come to IRM to determine the value of used rides. Let our many years of experience work for you.  IRM has the only certified appraiser on staff in the amusement industry.

Ride Removal, Relocation and Installation:

Our professional crews can dismantle, transport and install equipment of all sizes.  Our extensive experience includes the rebuilding of Entertainment City in Kuwait after the first Gulf conflict, the total dismantling of Opryland in Nashville, TN, the removal and relocation of the attractions at Astroworld in Houston, TX, as well as many other projects of all sizes.

Acceleration Testing and Evaluation:

Our trained technicians can test and evaluate your rides.


Whether it is for litigation assistance, jurisdictional or manufacturer's requirements or maintenance and operational testing, we can provide the required data you need. 


We can now also offer acceleration testing on water slides with our unique water testing torso.




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